Classic Works

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Road Rage 2021
Inflation Nation: The High Cost of Corporate Greed 2022
The Great Deception 2021
Crude Spoil 2021
GOP (Greed on Parade) 2020
The Philosophers Stoned2021
Self-Portrait (Industrial Evolution)2021
Peace of Pieces2019
Eat the Rich!2021
Separation of Church & Snake2021
For Queen & Country 2021
America First2022
The Tentacles of Time 2021 *Best of Show *
Amazon Farm2021
Like Clockwork2021
Critical Erase Theory 2022
Eyes on the Prize2021
Evil Triumphs2021
Yer Rights in Flames 2021
Behind the Curtain2021
War Games2021
Whose Got A Light? 2021
Information Age2022
Winter Olympics2022
One Giant Leap Backwards2022
Understanding Women2021