Protest Posters & Flyers

Political protest posters are made to order. If you interesting in acquiring one please contact me for dimension & pricing options.

Crude Spoil - Green New Deal
Yer Rights in Flames - Patriarchy
Whose Got A Light? - Federal Legalization
Trickle Down Economics - Take Back Our Wealth

Fake Flyers

Fake Flyers is a concept by Sour Steve inspired by early works by legendary artist: Winston Smith. All shows, bands and locations are fictional .

Need flyers for your upcoming show? Sour Steve is available for commission work just contact me!

Misdemeanors @ The Dish Pit - 2021
The Fuck Boys @ The Melvin's Club - 2021
The Agitators @ Stalin's Basement - 2021
Dirt Poor @ Lucid Lane - 2021