July 2017


Before he was known as Sour Steve, he was just Tyler Stephens, a stoned, college student at Appalachian State University. Numb Club is an assortment of unmastered, sloppily edited tracks. Because of the poor quality and lack of material to improve it was abandoned and left to public domain.

December 2019

Age of Disconnection

The debut album of the newly formed artist, Sour Steve. Age of Disconnection is a punk rock thrill ride that explores an age of politicians and business men dividing a nation in the name of greed!

July 2020

Rest in Profits - Single

When the economy becomes bigger than Jesus, who will you sacrifice to appease your new worldly God?

October 2020 Life in a Cage

The American dream becomes a nightmare. A concept album that explores the follies of a post 2020 fascist-ruled America through the eyes of an unnamed protagonist. After the most important election in history is bought, capitalism is steamed at full force, the new Gestapo takes over your town, the middle class disappears and the poor are forced to eat each other for survival. Meanwhile after social security and welfare are abolished, the rich celebrate their victory with massive tax breaks and designer drug cocktails. Grab your bible and head down to the detention center to start your new life in a cage!