Tyler "Sour Steve" Stephens 25 years old

Who is Sour Steve???

Sour Steve is the stagename of punk rock multi-instrumentalist and award-winning visual collage artist, Tyler Scott Stephens.

Tyler "Sour Steve" Stephens, originally from West Virginia is the embodiment of the newest generation of DIY punk artists. Tyler's artistic reach shows no boundaries juxtaposing images of war with images of comfort and convenience to creating striking visuals with a powerful message.

Tyler is currently a featured artist in the Oakland based punk art collective: Destroy Art Inc. Together, the team use music and art as a tool to fight off hate, corruption, and injustice as we see it and promote love, empowerment and community.

It really doesn't get anymore DIY than Sour Steve.

All music is available through all major streaming services. Art prints, CD's and other merchandise is available in the "Store" tab.

Official Dossier

Exclusive prints and original artwork available at Destroyartinc.com