"The collage art of Tyler "Sour Steve" Stephens continues to reveal new connections upon each study and poses many interesting questions about the reality of our world today and how we got here. The complexity of the many collage elements and references to well-known pop culture images surprise and intrigue." - Jenna Bailey

Tyler "Sour Steve" Stephens 25 years young
Sour Steve with punk collage artists: Craig "DNGRCAT" Vincent and Winston Smith holding the #4 issue of FALLOUT Fanzine, 2022.

Who is Sour Steve???

Sour Steve is the stagename of the up-and-coming punk celebrity, one-man band and award-winning visual collage artist, Tyler Stephens.

Tyler "Sour Steve" Stephens, originally from West Virginia is the embodiment of the newest generation of DIY punk artists. Tyler's artistic reach shows no boundaries and no mercy, juxtaposing images of war and corruption with images of comfort and convenience to creating striking visuals with a powerful message about our social system; nothing is sacred in the world of Sour Steve.

Hand-cut collages with some occasional minor digital adjustments, all artwork is hand-carved and glued to perfection using his enormous collection of old and obscure picture books, encyclopedias, National Geographic, LIFE Magazine, newspaper, etc.

Tyler is currently the youngest featured artist in the Oakland based punk art collective: Destroy Art Inc. headed by legendary punk collage artist: Winston Smith. Together, the team use music and art as a tool to fight off hate, corruption, and injustice as seen and promote love, empowerment and community! Check out Sour Steve and the rest of the Destroy Art team at DestroyAllGalleries.com

Sour Steve, the embodiment of hope for a continuing punk tradition of sabotaging and repurposing propaganda to draw (or cut) the truth from the lies..

All music is available through all major streaming services. Art prints, CD's and other merchandise is available in the "Store" tab.

Official Dossier

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