Featured Artworks

Vintage B&W Series

Slashing the Illusion of Freedom 2021
Da Bomb Diggity2021
Pervasive Phallus2021
Eternal Offerings2022
Light of the World2022
Consumer Vision2021

More Collage Works

Endless War2021
Inoperable Cancer2019
Ease the Freeze2021
Bon Appetit2021
Colonization of Mars2021
Backyard Closeup2021
Like Moth to Flame2022
Devolution of Man2021
Jay, Lenin & Microwave Pizza2021
Life Sentence2021
One Big Fish2021
Fully Loaded2021
Addicted to Pain2020
Corporate Power2022
That's Life2021
Free Healthcare2020
Hold on Tight2020
Trickle Down Economics2021
Petroleum Dreams2021
Suburban Nightmare2021
Straight Passed the Honeymoon Phase2021
Deus Americana2021
Point of No Return2021