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B&W Photomontages

A Prophecy Self-Fulfilled2023
Man & Machine2023
Everything You Know Is Wrong2023
Greetings From WWIII2022
Screen Time2023
Kapitalismus Uber Alles2023
Light of the World2022
Everyday for the Rest of Your Life2022
The Happiness Industry2023
The Rat Race2023
Safe Space2022

Panoramic Collages

Fatal Attraction (Knife to a Gun Fight)2023
Smoke & Mirrors2023
Jello Cosmos2022
The All-Seeing Eye2022                         *Award Winning*
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse2022
Play Ball!2023
Space-Time Distortion2023
Once Upon A Midnight Steer2023*Award Winning*
Right Place at the Wrong Time2023
The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword2023
Love It Or Hate It, Here's the Bomb2023
What In CARNation2022

Recent Collage Works

Tequila Queen2023
The Smell Test2023
Clowns in Congress2023
The Food Chain2023
Yer Fired!2023
Love Will Tear Us Apart2023
The Time and The Place2023
From the Depths of my Heart2023
America's No. 1 Export2023
Supreme Injustice2023
Laughing on the Inside2023
Scramble for Profits2023
Eat Your Masters2023
A Dance With Death2023
The New Normal2023
The Joy of Suffering2023
As Good As Gold2023
There Goes the Neighborhood!2023
A Drive Down the Countryside2023
Ashes to Ashes2023