Featured Artworks

B&W Photomontages

Slashing the Illusion of Freedom 2021
War Profiteers2022
Wishful Thinking2022
Eternal Offerings2022
Light of the World2022
Sick of War2022
Everyday for the Rest of Your Life2022
Political Pawn2022
Pressed for Time2022
Greetings From WWIII2022

Panoramic Collages

2021: A Space Oddity2021
The Future (Bites)2022
Jello Cosmos2022
The All-Seeing Eye2022
*Award Winning*
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse2022

More Recent Collage Works

Fear is Your Only God2022
Nature Vs. Nurture2022
The Homeless Problem2022
Turn of the Century2022
Rage Against the Machines2022
One Giant Leap Backwards2022
Like Moth to Flame2022
Jay, Lenin & Microwave Pizza2021
Nature Abhors A Vacuum2022
One Big Fish2021
Meet the Neighbors2022
If The Show Fits You Must Wear It2022
Corporate Power2022
American Education System2022
Backing the Blue2022
Trickle Down Economics2021
Vitamin Diesel2022
Whose Got A Light?2021
The Spark of Life2022
Raining Meat2022
More Lies2022
A Bad Reception 2022
After School Special2021
Baby Bombers2022
Law of Attraction2022