2021 Works

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After-School Special
Behind the Curtain
Consumer Vision
Fully Loaded
America First
Critical Erase Theory
The Devolution of Man
Capitalism Explained
Discovering Eternity
Life Sentence
Like Clockwork
A More Suited Path
Dark Matter
Eternal Offerings
Evil Triumphs
Bon Appetit
The Philosopher's Stoned
Suburban Nightmare
The Great Deception
Ease the Freeze
Point of No Return
A Bad Reception
Road Rage*Award Winning*
Eyes on the Prize
Separation of Church & Snake
Slashing the Illusion of Freedom
That's Life!
Crude Spoil
Endless War
Petroleum Dreams
Straight Passed the Honeymoon Phase
Time's Up!
Trump Steaks
You Can't Eat the Rich Without A Beer!
Trickle Down Economics
In the Grip of Idealism
TeeTime For Democracy
The Tentacles of Time*Award Winning*
War Games
Yer Rights in Flames
Whose's Got A Light?
Understanding Women
One Big Fish
Backyard Close-Up
For Queen & Country
Colonization of Mars