2023 Works

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We The People
Cross of Cancer
Green Hell
Man & Machine
Black Hole Sun
A Friend With Cheese is a Friend Indeed
Sweets & Cancers
In God's Hands
Imitation of Life
Back on Track
I've Haddock With You
Kapitalismus Uber Alles
World of Sheep
The Wheels of Justice
Manipulation of the Masses
Two-Party System (Illusion of Choice)
When in Rome
Salt of the Seahorse
The Landlord
We Can Destroy It!
Uranium Utopia
*Award Winning*
In the Palm of Their Hands (Nuclear Annihilation) 
The Happiness Industry
MKUltra High Frequency
Muscle Memory
Foreign Oil
Quarter-Passed Empty
Neptune Blood Ritual
Platypus Party
The Birthday Boy